Death of a Love!

Oh dear love of mine, so lost and so far,
that moment from long ago, do you remember?
When there was you and me and that was all.
Never seperate, never alone,wet with love you and I.

That ocean we dreamed of and yearned for ,that dream of you and I,
how we longed for the world to melt away with all its puzzles.
I used to wish I was everything that you had imagined,in your dreams of me,
I remember you said, if something meant more than life to you, it was me.

Too good to be true, too promising for fate to give a miss,
or was it us, was it me and now we blame fate for things that hurt.
It doesnt matter what word I choose, or can think of today.
For today I grieve the death of that love, a love that I had dearly loved.

Its only words, and I wont burden them with the weight,
the weight of my heart's sorrow, for they will just break.
My soul tells me, its over, for another has taken your place,
where I had left you I see a changed man... a new face.

I wasnt there, no I did not let you have me, I left and walked on,
for every two steps you took, I stepped away by even more.
But I had to, when you saw there was every reason for me not to.
In my mind there was, one reason, that kept me from falling ... for you.

I was with you, for you and completely sure that I wanted you,
but signs, these signs that I could not ignore, and I had to leave.
Luck favors the brave, and I wasnt, you wanted me there and I wasnt.
And today I grieve the death of a love that I with all my heart had loved!

No one will see that I was there with you, yes i was.
You do not see that I was there right next to you , I was love.
Whether I be back, or not, it doesnt matter any more to no one,for you changed.
There is no one to grieve with me, the death of the love that I still Love!
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