We never needed this

When the world was still just a baby girl,
when the stars were naughty little boys,
when the moon was not so bright in the sky,
and the sun was not more than a giant torchlight.

Even in those days beyond time, from long ago,
there was a plan or some scheme for all to go by.
No calendars, no timekeepers and yet all went just right so.
The forces to be knew exactly what they had to do.

Today with all the brains and intellect to go,
and even with all the dense contraptions of science.
When man is marvelled as the greatest creation of god,
there is no order to the madness that ensues.

Simple they say, is where god choses to reside,
and yet more convoluted are the methods we choose.
A facade really of the most inconceivably thorny design,
has been in the making layer by layer for the longest time.

We see, we judge, we think and we do,
what we think is expected in this world of two.
The actor and the stage, is all that really remains.
no substance, no consciousness, a mask and nothing plain.

A train to ...........

Everyday i take that train from the same place,
the train that takes me, takes me nowhere at all.
That train that is full of strangers, young and old alike.
with people who stare out of the windows .... waiting.

I board the train everyday,carrying a renewed hope within,
imagining of the places that this train might take me to.
This train I hope, will bring to me one day may be a friend,
and yet with strangers,on this train to somwhere, there is none.

Sitting by the window,everyday i look out to the world,
at the buildings, the same ones everyday, hoping to see,
a pretty face, in one of the windows looking out at me.
And yet the train to nowhere brings me absolutely nobody.

I look out at the sky, the rays of the sun having fun,
dancing on the clouds,refusing to give way to the night.
I hope that some day these clouds will want to ask me why,
do i take this train to nowhere and i know what will i say.

I look out to the mountains,thinking that they might know,
if anyone ever on this train got somewhere they wanted to.
But the anchored giants just look at me so blank and stare,
they are in on the secret,with this train to somewhere but just wont share.

Everyday i look forward to getting on this train to who knows where,
hoping to see new people on the train, and giving them a scare.
The new ones are hopeful you see, its is their first time here,
to tell them is my job i feel that this train is going absolutely nowhere!
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