~ Jezebel ~


Jezebel the regina and the life of the party!!   
Cocktails, outfits and pricey fanfare.
Jezebel the woman of grandeur and luxury,
her lovelorn eyes, deep as a lake laced with misery.

Jezebel ..the debutante who every woman envied,
who's tiniest whim was her fathers pride.
She with fancies of real substance and taste,
with etiquette fit for a queen and heart of a renegade!

Henry says ,"O poor Jezebel was a lonely child",
she missed her father after her mother died.
With money filling in for the father who was overseas,
and dime a dozen nannies who tried to raise her in between.

O poor Jezebel, was given all she ever asked,
yet nothing that of love, nurturing and family.
Jezebel was lost in dreams of what one day may be,
when true love would be her prize instead of money!

"O Da'hling Jezebel you're 21" they roared,
and Champagne Framboise like the rain poured.
Jezebel was lost amidst the crowd she had gathered,
turning 21 one in that hazy summer all alone must'v hurt her.

Jezebel the young girl.... so lost and confused,
it was easy to mistake the courtesy of a nice man for love.
With her heart broken and her soul torn to pieces,
Jezebel decided to end her pain she must flee to Paris!

That seat of love, art, Hemmingway and possibility,
"j'aime Paris !!" said Jezebel on her first night in the city.
The written word was sanctuary from a life of make believe.
She poured her pain into stories that had made her heart bleed.

Living like a romantic, fancy-free ruined her plenty,
Drinking Daiquiris and Rum till the bar was empty.
"O Jezebel ... mon amie!, please dont do this !!",
no matter how hard he tried ,she wont ever listen .

He had found her, loved her and in Paris cared for her .
A broken heart could not love again ... . poor Jezebel!!
It ached her to see him, want her with such passion.
It was too late, for love, for him ... for my Jezebel !


A Drifter......

Ohh mama please dont cry, i am a drifter,
let go mama and i will come back home to you.
I cant stay, I must not for i have no roots here,
I dont ever want to belong to anyone or anywhere.

I am your baby mama, no matter where i go,
you taught me well mama, but i need to be set free.
Is this world  full of all the things that they say,
stories you read to me, and stories my friends shared.

I want to be the girl who went out into the world by herself,
I want to find that one thing that makes this circus tick.
Dont you worry mama, there is good in this world still,
I will get by mama, dont you please fear for your baby girl.

I will write to you mama of the faces and places that i see,
I will get you souvenirs from Woodstock and Auchwitz city.
I will bring home a piece of history to you so dont you cry,
I am leaving only to come back mama, this isnt  goodbye.

Tell my friends that I love them but I have to leave them too,
I am a free soul a drifter mama, please dont make me stay .
I cant be here mama for my spirit seeks to soar and it must,
I want to see the world mama before they bring it to dust.
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