A Drifter......

Ohh mama please dont cry, i am a drifter,
let go mama and i will come back home to you.
I cant stay, I must not for i have no roots here,
I dont ever want to belong to anyone or anywhere.

I am your baby mama, no matter where i go,
you taught me well mama, but i need to be set free.
Is this world  full of all the things that they say,
stories you read to me, and stories my friends shared.

I want to be the girl who went out into the world by herself,
I want to find that one thing that makes this circus tick.
Dont you worry mama, there is good in this world still,
I will get by mama, dont you please fear for your baby girl.

I will write to you mama of the faces and places that i see,
I will get you souvenirs from Woodstock and Auchwitz city.
I will bring home a piece of history to you so dont you cry,
I am leaving only to come back mama, this isnt  goodbye.

Tell my friends that I love them but I have to leave them too,
I am a free soul a drifter mama, please dont make me stay .
I cant be here mama for my spirit seeks to soar and it must,
I want to see the world mama before they bring it to dust.
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