They Think they can find me

Those people in the street across from the cafe, 02 men and a woman staring at me, think they can get to me. The men one burly, the other very shapely and lean and the woman with eyes like a placid lake have been looking at me for too long. I am barely able to bring my coffee cup to my lips without my wrist making a challenge of it. He hasnt noticed anything in me, that has been trigerred from the presence across the road. He has been sitting there laughing about his stories from work. I try to pay attention to what he is saying about his ex girlfriend who is now working in his office. I am his girlfriend, i should be paying attention, but i cant those 03 people out there are making me so nervous, one ciggeratte after another and yet i feel nothing.

He has been holding my hand on the table all this while, may be thats why i am still awake, conscious and present.... he wont let me go, I look at his fingers, strong and shaped alike, like they were made in a factory ... a factory that makes beautiful hands and fingers. He must get it from his mother, gosh they are all so beautiful in his family. I never thought he would fall for me, not once. ME!! ouch.... that must hurt, to be my boyfriend. He is so mature, handsome, accomplished and smart and well dressed. He is everything i thought the movie stars are, when i was young.


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