When the rains come down on us,
every June I sit down and I wonder
if this is just a cycle of God's earth
or is it me who makes the sky weep.

Oh I am not self absorbed
I know the science behind it , I do.
The water from the oceans and rivers
and the sun heating up our green earth.

Then it pours down upon us from the skies,
and we rejoice for this great kindness we earned.
Plenty plain and boring that notion I find,
and hence this thought comes to mind.

Can I, just one little person of no great influence,
be the reason why the sky is sad and grey and weeps.
I have the blues you know, sometimes more than others,
and when I do I wish for a rainbow across my window.

But I have to wait, for summer and beyond, 
to see those colors that I know I so want.
And I wait, and I wait and I long for it .
Sometimes I say a little prayer too,real quiet.

No cotton candy, no polka dots, no amount of ribbons,
not Clark Gable or even James Dean bring me a smile.
Yes I'm a girl and the idea of a romance I do fancy,
but why oh why do these blues wont let me be.

And then I ask for my rainbow and I wish upon stars,
and I close my eyes and try to imagine really hard.
That my rainbow is right outside my window sill,
and when I put my hand out, its colored all blue,green and yellow.

And then when I am just about to give up,
on shaking off the blues and on my rainbow.
The calendar is through 12 pages and June is here.
The grey skies bring me this sense of joy and happiness.

And when the streets are curtained behind umbrellas,
I run out on the bridge with no rain coat or rubber boots,
in my polka dress and sneakers, jumping like a lunatic,
happy that its finally here, my rainbow of waiting for a year.

So I'd like to believe, that I had a little something, 
to do with all that color showing up in the blue sky.
Because with everything,everyone and all of that,
all I ever wanted was it to pour really hard!


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