And then there was one .....

There were too many things on her mind when her head hit the pillow this night. She wasnt used to thinking so much, not for this...not for anything. She had never thought in a million years that Tristan would leave her and just go away from her life. She didnt know what was this feeling that her heart was experiencing right now, she knew it wasnt a good feeling because she felt like there was'nt any strength in her lungs to even breathe.

Tristan, the boy she met in college, the guy who everyone loved for being such an open hearted soul. The boy who had told her once that she was like his little angel, in this world filled with cruel things and lacking in magic. Tristan the boy who had once said that he would devote his life to her.. ... Tristan, the boy who was the reason why she was the way she was today, a head strong, confident girl ..... a shy little creature from Milwaukee, who had been transformed into an artist known for her edge, for her words that gave many hope and many others something to think about, a columnist with the New York Times. She had made her mark in this world, she had shown everyone who ever doubted her coy and shy self... that she was someone who mattered,someone whose opinion mattered. And yet all of it didnt matter, for Tristan was gone!
   Tristan, had been with her, her companion for 06 years now... they had been through so much together, from the perils of growing up to the perils of being NewYorkers..... Eva had , had Tristan by her side. He loved her like no one could love her, he had even left his family behind in DC to be with her. She was his world and he was hers. At least till she moved to New York, Tristan was all Eva cared for.
But then the dazzle, high life and the social circles of New York changed Eva, she wanted more...more of evrything. More money, more clothes, bigger apartment and a bigger car. Tristan was doing mediocre by Eva's high standards, for he was a struggling musician who was surviving by making music for games, obscure infomercials...... nothing glamourous.
Eva ..... the girl who grew up believing that Love was all that was necessary to keep one alive, had forgotten about what really mattered. She thought of all this and looked at the man who lay next to her ...... on the bed that was Tristan's, there lay John, her colleague..... who had all the things going for him, that Tristan had failed to deliver on.
  Eva felt disgusted with herself, she got up from her bed, she rather jumped off it..... she ran to the balcony and started looking at the railings, feeling them with her fingers..... and there it was , a little piece of metal shining through the black paint on the iron..... in the shape of a heart. Tristan had done that one evening, when they lay in the balcony nestled in each other's arms..... telling Eva that this was a piece of him...... a piece of his hear that he had put on the balcony, for Eva..... so that whenever she missed him, every time he went away for auditions..... she could run to it.... hold it and see it, and know that he was thinking of her too. "This heart...." , Tristan had said, "... willl keep u safe my Pixie... it will keep you from harm, when i am not by your side. Always remember, I will be gone only to come back.... to you, for you are my piece of heaven in this world!"

Eva sobbed and sobbed sitting with her head against the railing, looking up at the sky.... looking at the stars, and she cried more, for Tristan had once said to her , " These little specs of light in the sky... my darling, are for you.... you're scared of the dark, so god put them there for you to know, that even in the dark, there is light !! ". Eva knew she had no where to run, Tristan was all that there was to her happiness or the lack of it and she was the grandest fool of this world for having let go of him!!
      She had nothing to feel alive about, she had nothing in her that could make her live life without him. And she knew that even the God almighty would not be able to fill the hole in her heart, that Tristan had caused, when he left. And then she thought, "Funnily, if this were a movie, I would hate myself too!!".


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