The Coffee Jar Story

Mornings were such a bitter sweet thing to her ever since she could remember,
satin sheets,pillows and a persistent ray of the sun peeking thorugh the blinds.
Looking out at the sun,sky scrapers,listening to the sounds of a city waking up,
Still under-covers she wondered "what would he be doing..picking sunflowers" she hoped.

   The warm smell of cocoa enveloped  her skyhigh 25th floor appartment,
   The feeling of another day that had come in through the window quietly.
    Dressed in her loose white gown,she walked to the kitchen and stretched,
   picking up the beautiful coffee jar that sat on top of the empty cabinets.

A Coffee jar that meant more, more than just a container with coffee, to her,
the porcelain jar from the streets of Tuscany, from a travel of 02 years ago.
A coffee jar picked up from a local store run by the handsome Adalberto,
reminded her of the beautiful city of towers named San Gimignano in Tuscany.

  Mornings became more beautiful to her after her unforgettable stay in Tuscany,
  After her run in with love,careless love,one of no obligation with an Italian man.
  Adalberto was her friend, her guide,her love in the breathtaking beauty of Italy.
  They crossed paths,when the summer had added an extra glow to nature and the old city.

Magical nights, out by the Lake Como,romantic dinners by the vineyard under clear skies,
He would love her, just right,not holding on too tight, she thought if she wanted that really?
It didnt matter, because this was a pit stop and then it would soon be LA Calling after  her
15 days,15 nights and 02 years later, the coffee jar still reminded her of mornings with him.

  Every sip of her coffee would remind her of how he everyday brought her toasts n marmalade,
  in bed,on a tray with sunflowers ..for he said she was like sunshine to him all day everyday.
  And it was love for those 15 days,till one night from Platform five at Chiusi station she left,
  Adalberto stood there and waved goodbye, all she took was the coffee jar to remember him by.

This morning in the shower she felt that it was time,she packed her bags and took off to see,
if that love was real and meant anything at all, and if he thought of her all the time, like she.
She slipped into her clothes,packed a knapsack with clothes and diary, she paused to breathe,
and told her heart to take it easy,as she ran out the door in a hurry she gave one last look to the jar.


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